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Olga Szafran

Associate Director, Research Program
  • Master of Health Services Administration (MHSA), U of Alberta, 1985.
  • Bachelor of Science (BSc) (Genetics), University of Alberta, 1980.

  • MED 515 (Community Health)-Module Coordinator for Community Health Field Experience for first year medical students (2006-present).

  • Health services utilization and delivery
  • Medical education, family medicine residency training
  • Physician practice patterns
  • International medical graduates
  • Culture and medicine


Publications (Recent five years):

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Finalist in the Best Educational Category at the Alberta Film and Television Awards, Alberta Motion Picture Industry (AMPIA) for four films produced (2009): (1) Machine That Makes Air (Treatment Conflict)--Aboriginal Cree; (2) Personal Directives--Cantonese-speaking Chinese; (3) Dementia and Language Reversion--Francophone Community; and (4) Living Wills/Personal Directives--Francophone Community.

Canadian Family Physician Best Original Research Article Award, College of Family Physicians of Canada (2007-awarded for the best article published in 2006 based on original research entitled “Acute myocardial infarction. Quality of Care in Rural Alberta.”

President ((May 2005-September 2007) and Past President (October 2007-2009), Public Health Sciences Alumni Association, University of Alberta.

Reviewers Choice Award, Alberta Family Practice Research Network (AFPRN), Alberta College of Family Physicians (2006 and 2011)-awarded for the best abstracts submitted for the poster presentation at the Annual Scientific Assembly.

The Family Physician Research Award (1993)-awarded by Canadian Family Physician for the best research project published in the journal in 1992, entitled “Use of walk-in clinics by family practice patients.”

Robert Wood Johnson Award (1985)-awarded for demonstrating the most promise of making a noteworthy contribution in the field of health services administration.

Andrew Pattulo Award and Canadian Liquid Air Ltd Award (1982/83)-awarded for the highest academic achievement during the qualifying year of the Master’s program.