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Dr. Lee GreenWorld class family physicians teach and learn here. We offer students, residents and teachers opportunities at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels to engage in innovative education, research, and health information management...more

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Team Canada’s medical squad headed by Albertan ‘eight-time Olympian’
There is only one person who has been to the Olympics eight times, first as an athlete and now as chief physician for Team Canada. Dr. Connie Lebrun, a professor of family medicine. . . ...more

Opinion: Surefire tricks to get the most out of your vitamin supplements
By Drs. Mike Allan and James McCormack, co-hosts of the weekly Best Science Medicine Podcast, available through the iTunes store or at ...more

Cholesterol-lowering statins more widely recommended in U.S.
Dr. Lee Green: Cholesterol-lowering statins drug could be prescribed to more American adults under new guidelines, raising questions about overprescribing, a Canadian expert says ...more

Opinion: Admitted to hospital? Take along a family friend
This year it is estimated that 22,000 Canadians will die or be maimed because of medical misadventure, nursing mistakes, abuse, neglect or just poor health system performance. ...more

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